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Objective: Speak to Nem'ro the Hutt[edit | edit source]

Nem'ro the Hutt
You want to prove that you are this fearsome manhunter? I will give you that chance. I have targets here on wonderful Hutta that need eliminating. No problem for one with your reported skills. The first head you will bring me is that of an Evocii--one of those useless, sniveling natives.
~ Nem'ro the Hutt

The Evocii sold us this world for trinkets. Now they take up arms against their rightful masters. It's disgusting. One Evocii dares call himself Huttsbane. He raids my holdings and hides in a swamp village. Place his head on my floor.
~ Nem'ro the Hutt

Kill Huttsbane's followers, too--but leave their heads in the village. Go now.
~ Nem'ro the Hutt

Be careful, little bounty hunter. Huttsbane once blasted into other palace. Killed pile of captains--murdered a mighty Hutt!
~ Carnus

Side-Objective: Speak with Juda[edit | edit source]

Nice try. I don't have access to [Nem'ro's] money. I just authorize the vouchers. See you around.
~ Juda

Objective: Speak to Huttsbane[edit | edit source]

Don't mean to be rude, but I need to finish crunching these numbers for Nem'ro.
~ Juda

This planet [Hutta] was home for Evocii long before the Hutts came.
~ Huttsbane

Objective: Use Your Personal Holocom[edit | edit source]

An Audience with Nem'ro the Hutt
An Audience with Nem'ro the Hutt.
The man who killed Braden really was Tarro Blood, a big shot from Alderaan. After he washed out of the last Great Hunt, Tarro spent years building up support with the Mandalorians. The Great Hunt is a Mandalorian tradition. Entry rules are different for their people. Since Tarro's a Mandalorian, he competes with them to enter. Now he's buying off the other Mandalorians so they don't gang up on him again.
~ Mako

While I was out taking care of... saying goodbye to Braden and Jory... I caught someone following me. He was dressed like some offworld tribesman. Tall. Wore a white bone mask, like a death's head.
~ Mako

Objective: Return to Nem'ro the Hutt[edit | edit source]

The upstart Fa'athra lays claim to things that are mine. He moves against my factories, sends his scum to make trouble in Jiguuna. Some fools think Fa'athra is becoming a stronger Hutt than Nem'ro. One is Yalt, my ex-accountant. Yalt now works for Fa'athra at the factory in the Rust Yards. The accountant must die for his betrayal.
~ Nem'ro the Hutt

After the accountant Yalt is dead, take his head to the cantina. Yalt's wife works there. She encouraged his disloyalty to me. Give Yalt's head to her.
~ Nem'ro the Hutt

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