Barleos Choid

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Sith Empire Barleos Choid
<Reputation Vendor>
Sith Empire

Barleos Choid

Level 55 Melee NPC

Allegiance [[Sith Empire]]
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 9015
Planet [[Oricon]]
Region [[Dread Executioners Camp]]

[[Category:Sith Empire NPCs]][[Category:Oricon NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

Barleos Choid is a human reputation vendor located in the Dread Executioners Camp on the moon Oricon.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Barleos Choid offers a selection of pets, vehicles, and bind to Legacy armor for purchase.

Vendor Store
Pet.drouk.a01 v03.png Blood Drouk Credit.png 50,000 host.waist.png Dread Host Belt Credit.png 25,000 host.feet.png Dread Host Boots Credit.png 43,750 host.wrists.png Dread Host Bracers Credit.png 25,000 host.chest.png Dread Host Chestguard Credit.png 62,500 host.legs.png Dread Host Greaves Credit.png 62,500 host.hands.png Dread Host Handgear Credit.png 43,750 host.head.png Dread Host Headgear Credit.png 62,500

Mtx speeder gurianblasterbolt.png Gurian Volcano Credit.png 100,000 gothic.feet.png Hallowed Gothic Boots Credit.png 52,500 gothic.wrists.png Hallowed Gothic Bracers Credit.png 30,000 gothic.hands.png Hallowed Gothic Gloves Credit.png 52,500 gothic.legs.png Hallowed Gothic Lower Robes Credit.png 75,000 gothic.waist.png Hallowed Gothic Sash Credit.png 30,000 gothic.chest.png Hallowed Gothic Vestments Credit.png 75,000

Datapad.png Schematic: Primary Black Secondary Deep Red Dye Module Credit.png 100,000

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • What can I get for you?
  • You won't find a better bargain.
  • Come back anytime.

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