Baratatta Spirit-Leader

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Baratatta Spirit-Leader

Baratatta Spirit-Leader

Level 4 Ranged NPC

Species [[Evocii]]
Gender Male
Health 130
Planet [[Hutta]]
Region [[The Bog]]

[[Category:Hutta NPCs]][[Category:Evocii NPCs]]

Baratatta Spirit-Leader is a male Evocii encountered by the Bounty Hunter on the planet Hutta. The Spirit-Leader serves in the capacity of adviser to the Evocii warrior Huttsbane.[1]

Missions[edit | edit source]

Before he is willing to sponsor the Bounty Hunter in the Great Hunt, gangster Nem'ro the Hutt requires a test of skill be satisfied; in order to earn Nem'ro's support the Bounty Hunter must kill several of the crime lord's more elusive and dangerous enemies, including the Evocii warrior Huttsbane. The Baratatta Spirit-Leader is aware of Nem'ro's anger, however, and believes an alternative course of action exists.[1]

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