Bacca's Ceremonial Blade

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Bacca's Ceremonial Blade was a legendary and sacred Wookiee sword, made by the legendary Wookiee warrior Bacca from the debris of the first starship to land (but in this case it crashed) on Kashyyyk. Eventually Bacca passed it on to the next chieftain, as it had become a symbol of the courage and strength of the Wookiee Chieftain. The sword was passed from generation to generation until it came into the possession of the Chieftain Rothrrrawr. The blade was broken at the hilt when the Chieftain was fighting a terentatek in the Shadowlands. The blade became lodged in the beast's hide, and Rothrrawr fled with the hilt. From then on, the hilt was seen as the symbol of leadership, and was passed from chieftain to chieftain until Revan found the blade at the behest of Freyyr.

Revan offered it to the exiled Freyyr as a means to help him reclaim his throne from his usurper son, Chuundar. After the defeat of Chuundar, the two parts of the sword were once again reunited, but Freyyr did not keep the sword. At the request of his younger son, Zaalbar, Freyyr allowed him to take possession of the sword, thereby signifying that Zaalbar would become chieftan upon his return. Although the records were unclear, it could be assumed that after Revan's departure from known space, Zaalbar returned to his village and the sword continued to be passed down throughout the generations.