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1st Cutscene -- Masters' Retreat[edit | edit source]

Derrin Weller: "Welcome to Tython, Padawan. Everyone at the temple is looking forward to meeting you. Your former masters praise your combat skills. They say you're becoming an expert duelist."
  • I had good teachers. ("It's easy to excell when you're trained by the best.")
  • Who are you? ("I'm sorry. I don't think we've been introduced.")
Derrin Weller: "Sorry--Derrin Weller, watchman of the training grounds. I greet new arrivals, show them around."
  • I defeated all of them. ("I've never fought anyone I couldn't beat, including my Masters.")
Derrin Weller: "Impressive claim. If you're seeking fresh challenges, you'll find them."

Derrin Weller: "The Jedi Council will assign you a new master to oversee your final trials. You'll be tested in ways you can't imagine. But when you leave Tython, you'll know what it means to be a Jedi Knight. More importantly, you'll know yourself."
  • Let's get started. ("I'm eager to face these trials. Where do I start?")
  • I already know all that. ("Being a Jedi Knight is my calling. What else can the Masters tell me?")
Derrin Weller: "Many Padawans feel the same way until they face the trials. That's why releasing preconceived notions is part of the Jedi Code. "There is no ignorance, there is knowledge." Enter your training with an open mind. You might surprise yourself."
  • Sounds dull. ("I didn't come here to meditate and learn boring lessons.")
Derrin Weller: "These final trials will test your limits. Boredom is the least of your worries."

Derrin Weller: "There's a speeder here that will take you--hang on. Getting an emergency signal....
Unaw Aharo: "--under attack, repeat, under attack! Flesh Raiders are invading the Padawan training grounds! They have blasters! Send help!"
Derrin Weller: "Flesh Raiders, armed with blasters? He must be mistaken."
  • Regardless, it's trouble. ("Mistaken or not, that Padawan is under attack.")
Derrin Weller: "They've never come this close before...."
  • Why do you say that? ("What are these things? Animals?")
  • Obviously not--do something! ("You could hear the blaster fire. Go help!")
Derrin Weller: "Calm down, Padawan. Never rush into a fight before knowing your enemy."

Derrin Weller: "Flesh Raiders are a species of hostile natives. They're smart enough to use tools and violent beyond reason. I'm sending every able-bodied Jedi down to the Padawan training grounds right away--especially you."
  • It's an honor to help. ("Just point the way. I'll handle the rest.")
  • "Especially" me? Why's that? ("What makes me any better than the others?")
Derrin Weller: "You've been trained for dangers like this. I know I can count on you."
  • And what about you? ("You planning to stay up here and watch?")
Derrin Weller: "I'm warning the others. I'll be right behind you."

Derrin Weller: "Take the speeder outside to the training grounds. Push back the Flesh Raiders--and find out if they're really using advanced weapons. Go. I'll catch up after I alert the Jedi Council. May the Force be with you."

2nd Cutscene -- Holocom[edit | edit source]

Derrin Weller: "You're unharmed--good. Flesh Raider shot me in the leg while I was rescuing some Padawans. Don't know where these things got blasters, but they know how to use them. I've been evacuated to a medcenter, but the fighting isn't over yet."
  • I'll stand my ground. ("I'll push back the enemy, whatever it takes.")
Derrin Weller: "We need to stop them at the source."
  • Where's the Jedi Council? ("I was expecting reinforcements by now.")
Derrin Weller: "Some are already here, but the Flesh Raiders keep pouring in. That's why I'm calling."
  • Get to the point. ("I'm up to my neck in monsters, here.")

Derrin Weller: "Another Padawan found a cave tunnel the Flesh Raiders use to enter this valley. I need you at that tunnel, making sure the Flesh Raiders don't get any more reinforcements through it."
  • Consider it closed. ("I'll find this cave tunnel and seal it.")
  • Alone? ("Not sure what you expect me to do by myself.")
Derrin Weller: "You won't be alone long. Master Orgus Din is on his way there."
  • Because no one else can. ("Apparently, I'm the only competent warrior on the whole planet.")
Derrin Weller: "Arrogance is unbecoming of a Jedi--as are petty insults."

Derrin Weller: "We need to end this conflict before anyone else gets hurt. Find the cave tunnel along the mountain range. May the Force be with you."

3rd Cutscene -- Gnarls Cavern[edit | edit source]

Callef: "Stop struggling, Padawan. Your life was over the moment you set foot here."
Unaw Aharo: "You are Jedi. Why would you kill me?"
Callef: "Because the order must evolve--and you are weak."
  • Stop this right now. ("Whoever you are, step away from that Padawan.")
  • What's happening here? ("What's this all about?")
Unaw Aharo: "This man looks like a Jedi, but something is wrong with him."
  • If you want a fight, pick me. ("Whatever your problem is, ugly, I'm here to end it.")
Unaw Aharo: "Be careful. There's something wrong with this Jedi--and he's not alone."

Callef: "Hmm. You are... dangerous. You killed my soldiers."
Unaw Aharo: "He commands the Flesh Raiders attacking us."
Callef: "Not attacking--cleansing. And we have only begun."
  • (Light Side Icon.png +50 ) I'm asking you to surrender. ("Lay down your weapons. I don't want to hurt you.")
  • Can I join you? ("Sounds like fun. Where do I sign up?")
Callef: "You cannot save yourself with tricks."
  • (Dark Side Icon.png +50 ) No, you're done. [Attack] ("I'll do some cleansing of my own.") ([Cutscene ends, fight])

Callef: "The old order is dead. Long live the new order." ([Cutscene ends, fight])

4th Cutscene -- Gnarls Cavern[edit | edit source]

Unaw Aharo: "That was amazing. I thought we were dead."
Master Orgus Din: "You two alright? What happened here?"
Unaw Aharo: "This Jedi attacked us, Master Orgus. He was sick... confused."
Master Orgus Din: "Thank the Force that you're both safe. This man's no Jedi--at least, not one of us."
  • He led those Flesh Raiders. ("He organized the attack on the training grounds. Called the Flesh Raiders his "soldiers."")
Master Orgus Din: "I warned the Council these natives aren't mindless beasts. This is proof."
  • You're late. ("You missed the fun, Master. Did you have something better to do?")
Master Orgus Din: "I was distracted by a pack of hungry Flesh Raiders. Thought I looked delicious."
  • Not a Jedi? ("If he wasn't like us, what was he?")
Master Orgus Din: "I'd call him Sith, but the Empire doesn't know where Tython is."

Master Orgus Din: "This lightsaber... there's something familiar about it. Strange. You held off all these attackers yourself with only a practice saber. Impressive."
  • The Force was with me. ("I followed my instincts, that's all.")
Master Orgus Din: "They served you well."
  • Give me a real lightsaber. ("I deserve a decent weapon--and my enemy doesn't need his anymore."
Master Orgus Din: "This weapon can help us discover who this man was. It's going to the Jedi Council."
  • Yes, I am. ("The Force was with me, as usual.")
Master Orgus Din: "Don't confuse confidence with arrogance, Padawan. Your Masters should've taught you the difference."

Master Orgus Din: "This battle's over, but we don't want any more Flesh Raiders coming through here." [He collapses the tunnel.] "That should hold them back, for now."
  • That was amazing. ("I can see why you're a Jedi Master.")
Master Orgus Din: "When you get as old as me, you learn a few tricks."
  • How can I do that trick? ("I want to learn how to do that.")
Master Orgus Din: "Spend a few decades practicing, and you'll pick it up in no time."
  • We needed that tunnel for war. ("You should've left that open. We could have used it to destroy the Flesh Raiders.")
Master Orgus Din: "Declaring war is the last thing we should do. There's too much we don't know about our enemy."

Unaw Aharo: "I'm injured, Master Orgus. Are the training grounds safe for travel?"
Master Orgus Din: "Not yet. I'll get you to a medcenter. You seem alright to travel alone. Report to the Jedi Council.
  • I should stay and help. ("This valley isn't safe yet; I don't feel good about leaving.")
Master Orgus Din: "We have Jedi Knights rooting out the last attackers. You're needed elsewhere."
  • Can you give me directions? ("I only just arrived on Tython. Where am I going?")
  • Talking isn't why I'm here. ("Going to a boring meeting is the last thing on my mind right now.")
Master Orgus Din: "Sounds familiar. But you're still going, Padawan."

Master Orgus Din: "Follow the path leading out of this valley. You'll find the Jedi Temple through the mountain pass. See you there."

5th Cutscene -- Holocom[edit | edit source]

Master Satele Shan: "Padawan--I'm Satele Shan, leader of the Jedi Council. I'd like to speak privately with you before we meet with the others.
  • Go ahead, I'm listening. ("You have my full attention, Master. What do you need?")
Satele Shan: "This isn't a discussion for a comm channel."
  • Am I in trouble? ("Have I done something wrong?")
Satele Shan: "No, and don't worry, this will be an informal meeting."
  • I'm famous already, eh? ("Let me guess--my reputation precedes me.")
Satele Shan: "Your reputation is not my concern."

Satele Shan: "Come to my meditation room in the temple. We'll talk there."

6th Cutscene -- Jedi Temple[edit | edit source]

Satele Shan: "Welcome, Padawan. The temple is already buzzing with accounts of your heroism in the training grounds. Master Orgus told me you battled Flesh Raiders--and a Force user armed with a lightsaber. That must have been a disturbing confrontation. Are you alright?"
  • Shaken but solid. ("I'm sorry things ended in violence, but I'm glad to be alive.")
  • I'll be fine. ("Don't worry about me.")
Satele Shan: "I admire your composure, but have you truly searched your feelings about this?"
  • Better than ever. ("I won the fight. What else matters?")
Satele Shan: "Even the most experienced Jedi can be unbalanced by violence."

Satele Shan: "Taking a life affects the Living Force--and the one who does the killing. This is why Jedi enter battles calmly, with reason. Emotions like fear and anger lead to the dark side."
  • I'm strong enough to resist. ("I can control my feelings, no matter what I'm facing.")
  • My enemy seemed calm. ("The man I fought wasn't angry or fearful.")
Satele Shan: "Not on the surface, perhaps."
  • Sounds impossible. ("You can't expect me to be reasonable in the heat of battle.")
Satele Shan: "That's the paradox all Jedi face when they fight. You will find a way. You must."

Satele Shan: "As the Jedi Code teaches us, "There is no emotion, there is peace." Remember those words when times are darkest. And take this. The code is a source of strength, but some backup never hurts. I'll see you soon in the Council chambers."