Ari Skyff

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Correspondence[edit | edit source]

After completing quest line in Balmorra, Ari Skyff sends you this message.

From: Ari Skyff

Subject: Thanks Again!

Attached: 1130 credits

Bummed your frequency off some resistance fighters--hope you don't mind. Thought I'd thank you again for getting those supplies back for me and getting me a piece of the Corvani. My grand old girl was really something, wasn't she?

Figured since I was stuck here, might as well make myself useful, so I started making runs for the locals again. Turned out to be a pretty nice gig! Even starting to get fond of this junker they've got me flying. I call her the Corvana.


P.S. Almost forgot! The resistance reclaimed another warehouse last month. Passing along some extras. I owe you one.