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Anchorhead map

Anchorhead is a settlement located on the planet Tatooine. This area has a bind point, mailboxes, and taxi service. The Anchorhead Cantina, Anchorhead Eastern Warehouse, Mandalorian Bunker, Republic Embassy, Sandcrawler, and Tatooine: Anchorhead Spaceport can be found in this area.

Datacrons[edit | edit source]

  • +3 Cunning - (2140,-3672) Start by jumping onto the northwestern corner of the wall at (1641,-3721). Follow the wall to the rooftops and across the awnings until you reach (2028,-3858). Jump across to the wall and follow it around to the awning on the south side of the next building at (2124,-3802). Cross over and the datacron is on the left on the roof across from the cantina. Unlocks Galactic History 39: The Third Great Schism.

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