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  • Aggroing is the act of causing an NPC to engage you in combat. This could occur due to directly attacking an NPC or causing it to attack you due to close proximity. Aggro is the more technical term of threat in games, in other words it is what keeps the monsters hold on you, you can gain more aggro in a number of ways. The most common way is the first attack on a monster. Attacking a monster first will generate a lot of threat or aggro towards you so the enemy will attack you longer until a tank pulls the aggro off with his taunt. The tank is supposed to hold the aggro of the mob which is why he gets taunt to pull the aggro off of the healers so they can keep your group alive. Best thing to do in a group situation to avoid pulling aggro from the tank:

If you are a healer don't over heal because the threat is still generated and don't burst heal right away, the best thing to do is keep a consistent amount of heals going to the tank. If you are a dps character then what you do is keep a consistent damage and when battling larger enemies make sure to let the tank get the first hint and count off like 5 seconds to give him enough time to establish aggro.

  • Aggro can also refer to the Threat List an NPC keeps track of in combat.

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