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Galactic Republic Adi'son Galactic Republic


Level 7 Vendor NPC

Allegiance [[Galactic Republic]]
Species [[Twi'lek]]
Gender Male
Health 190
Planet [[Tython]]
Region [[The Gnarls]]

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Adi'son is a Twi'lek merchant with a store in The Gnarls, a valley on the planet Tython used for training by the Jedi Order. He can be found on the region's landing platform, overlooking the training areas from the west.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Adi'son offers a selection of basic stimpacks and medpacs for purchase.

Vendor Store
Minormedpac.png Minor Medpac Credit.png 200

Minormedpac.png Basic Medpac Credit.png 100

535716.png Basic Command Stim Credit.png 150

529578.png Basic Fortitude Stim Credit.png 150

42053.png Basic Might Stim Credit.png 150

Minorgreenstimpack.png Basic Reflex Stim Credit.png 150

533907.png Basic Resolve Stim Credit.png 150

Minoryellowstimpack.png Basic Skill Stim Credit.png 150

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