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Galactic Republic Trooper Galactic Republic
Faction Galactic Republic
Starting Planet Ord Mantell
Allowed Species Cyborg
Advanced Class Commando
Starship BT-7 Thunderclap
Companion(s) Aric Jorgan
Class Video Watch
"Chaos grips the Galactic Republic. Influential star systems break away from the millennia-old alliance, angered over the Senate's treaty with the Sith Empire."

"On the planet of ORD MANTELL, civil war erupts between loyal Republic citizens and violent separatist extremists waging a campaign of terror against their own people."

"Now, an elite young sergeant from the Republic's famous HAVOC SQUAD has arrived to help defeat the separatists and restore peace to this war-ravaged world...."

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Trooper opening crawl

Whether fighting as part of a small strike squad or at the forefront of a larger force, the Trooper can unleash unrivaled firepower against his enemies. A Trooper’s rifle is his best friend, and the military is constantly challenged to design faster, more powerful and more reliable blaster rifles every year. Wielding such rifles and wearing protective battle armor designed by the Republic’s top engineers, the Trooper will not hesitate to step right into the crossfire. Whether storming a base or a battlefield, the Trooper charges into the fight, blaster-rifle blazing, to clear a path for freedom and justice.

  • Though the Trooper’s tactical strengths tend to rely on ranged technology and superior firepower, standard training involves lengthy exercises in close-quarters combat. A slam to the face from a cortosis-reinforced rifle stock is a very effective melee maneuver.
  • Taking full advantage of the modern rifle’s versatile attachments, the Trooper can launch a high-powered grenade that explodes on impact, incapacitating a single target.
  • In addition to the arsenal of attacks available to the Trooper using his rifle, standard Trooper equipment often includes a number of sticky grenades. Nearly impossible to remove, these explosives unerringly dispose of the target and anyone standing nearby.


At level 10 Troopers are able to further specialize their skills, choosing the path of the Commando or the Vanguard.



  • Assault Cannon
  • High Tech Weaponry
  • Ranged DPS or Healer

Trained in advanced assault tactics and weaponry, Commandos charge battlefields with massive blaster cannons, overwhelming their enemies with brute firepower. Whether taking out an enemy bunker with focused fire or driving back an Imperial charge with a hail of concussive bolts, the Commando’s high-powered hardware dominates the scene, laying waste to all unfortunates who fall within its range. Many of the Republic’s greatest military victories can be credited to the decisive actions of a Commando in the field.

  • Blaster Rifle
  • Shield Technology
  • Ranged DPS or Mid-Range Tank

Unstoppable and utterly fearless, Vanguards wade into battle wearing advanced heavy armor. They are the first and best line of defense in the Republic military. These steadfast soldiers ignore personal risk, deliberately stepping into the line of fire to divert danger from allies and innocents. Though their tactical role is inherently dangerous, Vanguards have an uncanny survivability due to their expert defensive tactics and the advanced technology at their disposal.


Starter abilities

<h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Name </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Cast Time </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Cooldown </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Ammo Cost </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Range </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Description </h4>
Armor Proficiency: Heavy Passive Passive None Self Able to equip heavy combat armor.
Armor Proficiency: Medium Passive Passive None Self Able to equip medium-weight armor.
Explosive Round Instant None 3 30m Fires a heavy round that deals X kinetic damage to the primary target and Y kinetic damage to up to 3 targets within 5 meters. If the primary target is a weak or standard enemy, it is knocked to the ground.
Fortification Instant 6 secs None 30m Increases the target's Endurance by 5% for 60 minutes. If the target is a party member, all other party members are also affected.
Hammer Shot Instant None None 30m Fires a series of hammering shots that X deals weapon damage to the target.
Incendiary Round Instant None 3 30m Launches an incendiary projectile, setting the target ablaze for x elemental damage and an additional x elemental damage over 18 seconds.
Recharge and Reload 15 secs
None None Self Fully recharges your energy cells 2 at a time. Heals you and your companion.
Recharge Cells Instant 2 mins None Self Recharges 6 cells over 3 seconds.
Sprint Instant None None Self Increase movement speed by 35% while not in combat.
Weapon Proficiency: Rifle Passive Passive None Self Able to equip blaster rifles, carbines, and repeaters.

Trainable abilities

<h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Name </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Level </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Cast Time </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Cooldown </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Ammo Cost </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Range </h4> <h4="color:white; border:none;text-align:center; padding:0px;"> Description </h4>
Stockstrike 2 Instant 9 secs 2 4m Strikes the target with the butt of the rifle, dealing X kinetic damage.
Full Auto 3 3 secs
15 secs 2 30m Fires a continuous stream of bolts that deals X weapon damage every second. Weak and standard enemies caught in the blaster fire are stunned for the duration.
Plasma Cell 4 1.5 secs None None Self Loads your rifle with a plasma powercell, giving all of your rifle attacks a 10% chance to deal X additional elemental damage over 6 seconds. Only one cell can be active at a time.
Sticky Grenade 5 Instant 15 secs 2 30m Throws a sticky grenade that will detonate after several seconds. Standard and weak enemies enter a state of panic when the grenade is active. The explosion deals X kinetic damage when it detonates. Standard and weak targets are knocked back from the blast.
High Impact Bolt 6 Instant 15 secs 2 30m Fires a very powerful round at the target, dealing X weapon damage. Only usable against incapacitated targets and targets suffering from periodic damage.
Pulse Cannon 8 3 secs
18 secs 3 10m Sprays waves of ionizing energy at targets in a 10-meter cone, dealing X elemental damage over the duration.
Tenacity 9 Instant 2 mins None Self Removes all incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.
Mortar Volley 10 3 secs
1 min 3 5-30m Launches a volley of mortar shells at the target area, dealing X kinetic damage to up to 5 targets within 5 meters over the duration. Standard and weak targets are knocked down by the blasts.
Cryo Grenade 12 Instant 1 min 1 30m Hurls a cryo grenade that freezes the target, stunning it for 4 seconds.
Reactive Shield 14 Instant 2 mins None Self Reduces all damage taken by 25% for 12.0 seconds.
Heroic Moment: No Retreat 15 Instant 20 mins None Self Finishes the cooldown on Cryo Grenade and restores 2% of maximum health to you and your companion every 3 seconds. Requires an active companion. Usable while in combat. Lasts 1 minute.
Adrenaline Rush 32 Instant 3 mins None Self Restores 15% of maximum health over 10 seconds.
Blitz 34 Instant 45 secs None 4m Bashes the target, dealing X kinetic damage to weak and standard targets or Y kinetic damage to strong targets. Only usable on incapacitated targets.
Stealth Scan 36 Instant 20 secs None 30m Fires off probes that scan the area for stealthed opponents. The probes last for 10 seconds.
Reserve Powercell 42 Instant 2 mins None Self Your next ability's energy cell cost is reduced by 100%. Effect lasts 15 seconds.


Honor, Duty, Defense of the Republic[edit]

Not all heroes carry Lightsabers. Some just have the will to fight.

For decades, the armed forces of the Galactic Republic defended their civilization against the seemingly unstoppable Sith Empire. Despite countless setbacks, the men and women of the Republic military never backed down until the Senate ordered them to do so. These brave souls remain ready and willing to lay their lives on the line today.

In the wake of the Treaty of Coruscant, the Republic military has begun recruiting from within its own ranks, creating cutting-edge Special Forces squads for the inevitable day when the war with the Sith Empire begins anew. These advanced strike teams are comprised of only the most talented and disciplined soldiers—a new breed of elite Republic Troopers.

These Troopers are the embodiment of the Republic military’s highest aspirations—the most advanced fighting force in the galaxy. They are equipped to face any foe in any environment, but it’s not their gear that makes them tough—it’s their guts. The Troopers’ greatest weapons are their indomitable spirit, their unwavering sense of duty and their undying loyalty to each other and to the ideals that the Republic represents. In this age, the stakes have never been higher. The Republic must win or face extinction. The fate of the galaxy rests upon ordinary men becoming extraordinary heroes. This is the path of the Republic Trooper.

Relations with the Jedi[edit]

The Knights of the Jedi Order have defended the Republic for generations, but they have not fought alone. A host of unsung heroes have marched at the Jedi’s side—common men courageous enough to enlist and face the same risks as their Jedi comrades despite not having access to the Jedi powers of protection. These heroes have not gone unappreciated by the Jedi. The men and women of the Republic military are accorded complete respect and admiration by the Order and by the Republic’s political leaders.

In the years since the Treaty of Coruscant, the Jedi have withdrawn in significant numbers to their homeworld of Tython. Their presence in the Republic military, though still significant, is not what it was during the war. In many ways, the Republic’s newly-trained elite Troopers have stepped up to take charge of the Republic’s defenses. When Troopers are partnered with the Jedi, they are a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield.

Field Recon[edit]

Deployed to the hairiest battlefields in the galaxy, Republic Troopers generally travel in small, specialized squads. It is not uncommon however to see a Trooper engaging enemies on his or her own. Whether operating solo or in groups, members of the Republic Special Forces have become intimidating opponents to their enemies.


The Republic's experiments with a new generation of heavy blaster rifles have proven successful, sparking a galaxy-wide trend towards larger, more powerful and more versatile armaments. It takes a great deal of strength and training however to wield these war machines, so they’re rarely used outside the military. Republic engineers have also worked overtime fashioning new defensive gear for the Republic’s most elite soldiers, armor suits that provide maximum protection and flexibility in multiple environments.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The female Trooper is voiced by actress Jennifer Hale. The male Trooper is voiced by actor Brian Bloom.


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