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Schematic: Drelliad Jacket

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Schematic: Drelliad Jacket
Schematic: Drelliad Jacket

Requires Armormech (20)
Drelliad Jacket

Use: Learn to craft this item.

Schematic: Drelliad Jacket is a schematic that can be used by Armormechs in order to learn how to craft a piece of customizable medium armor. This particular schematic provides the instructions needed in order to create Drelliad Jackets.


Underworld Trading crew skill[edit]

Schematic: Drelliad Jacket can be obtained as a rare mission reward earned upon the completion of Tier 1 (Level 10-16) Underworld Trading Crew Skill missions.

Mission reward


Schematic: Drelliad Jacket can be used by Armormechs in order to obtain the schematic needed to create Drelliad Jackets, customizable medium armor that can be equipped by Smugglers and Jedi Knights in their chest equipment slot.

Schematic taught

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