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All Classes Companion

Allegiance Galactic Republic, Sith Empire
Species Assassination Droid
Gender N/A
Planet Section X, Belsavis
Stats Aim or Cunning
Armor Droid armor
Weapon Sniper rifle
Bonuses +5 Mission Efficiency
+1 Crafting Critical

HK-51 is a companion available to all classes for both allegiances. This companion is unlocked by completing a mission series starting with Sith Empire [50H2+] Fatal Errors or Galactic Republic [50H2+] The Fatality in Section X. Once the companion has been unlocked, it can be purchased by additional characters in the Character Perks section of the legacy panel for Credit.png 1,000,000.


[edit] Codex

Main article: HK-51 (Empire) and HK-51 (Republic)

"The droid designated HK-51 is cold, calculating and incredibly lethal. Housed in a sleek body resembling an antique Systech Corporation protocol unit, this HK-series assassination droid lay dormant in the hold of an Imperial vessel for many years. Whatever HK-51's original programming dictated, he pledged absolute loyalty to his new master upon his reactivation.

HK-51 is a model of ruthless efficiency. His assassination protocols deteriorate unless they are put to frequent use. This leads to a constant acquisition, pursuit and permanent removal of qualified targets that would be seen as an obsession in any living being. Beyond expressing pride in successful assassinations, HK-51 has little patience for the trivial emotional problems of organics."

[edit] Likes/Dislikes

[edit] Imperial companion

  • Likes: Maximizing shock value when eliminating enemies, serving the Empire, discovering and exploiting new ways to kill enemies
  • Dislikes: Pointless infighting and political backstabbing, failing to take the initiative in a confrontation, permitting a cornered foe to escape

[edit] Republic companion

  • Likes: Efficiently eliminating enemies, aggressive pursuit of victory, willingness to set aside bothersome ethics and morality
  • Dislikes: Being merciful to known enemies, praising other droids or failing to recognize his clear superiority, seeking peaceful solutions over violent ones

[edit] Gifts

HK-51 prefers Weapons.

HK-51 Gift Preferences
Cultural Imperial Luxury Military Republic Technology Trophy Underworld Weapon Courting
- - - Like - Like Like - Favorite -

[edit] Patches

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