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Flashpoints are heavily scripted instanced areas where a group of up to four players will have to fight their way through waves of enemies in order to accomplish an objective and gain superior equipment and unlock achievements.


[edit] Official description

Band together with your most trusted allies to undertake some of the most dangerous missions in the galaxy! Flashpoints are action-packed, story-driven adventures that test a group of players to their limits, putting them up against difficult foes in volatile situations. You and your group need your wits, your skills, and all your resources to emerge victorious. Every Flashpoint begins with an exciting story and contains difficult decisions – choose carefully, because your group's choices have a meaningful impact on the challenges you’ll face, the enemies you’ll fight, and the outcome of the story! All the danger is certainly worthwhile; the rewards from Flashpoints are some of the most powerful you'll find.

[edit] Dialogue

Players will enter in several dialogue sessions with NPCs that may have a relevant impact on the flow of the story and of the Flashpoint itself. In order to make a decision rather than another during said dialogues, every player will have to select their preferred option, and then a random dice roll will decide which of the chosen paths the group will undertake. Regardless if one player's choice gets picked or not, his decisions will affect either his Light Side Points or Dark Side Points, depending on which choice was made.

[edit] Missions

A mission board that gives daily and weekly missions can be found in the Republic and Imperial Fleets.

[edit] Types of flashpoints

There are two types of flashpoints: standard and tactical. Standard flashpoints have two modes, normal and hard mode. Hard mode is available to most flashpoints at level 50 and others at level 55. Tactical flashpoints are modular, with multiple scenarios spanning an entire plot. Players in tactical flashpoints are bolstered and standard group roles don't apply. Level 15-54 players are grouped together and level 55 players are grouped together. There is currently three tactical flashpoints: Kuat Drive Yards, Czerka Corporate Labs, and Czerka Core Meltdown.

[edit] Known flashpoints

Known Flashpoints
Name Level (Min) Allegiance Hard Mode Notes
The Black Talon 11 (7) Empire.png Yes
The Esseles 11 (7) Republic.png Yes
Hammer Station 17 (13) Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes (55)
Athiss 21 (17) Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes (55)
Mandalorian Raiders 25 (21) Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes (55)
Cademimu 29 (25) Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes (55)
Boarding Party 33 (29) Empire.png Yes
Taral V 33 (29) Republic.png Yes
The Foundry 37 (33) Empire.png Yes You must complete Boarding Party before being able to play this flashpoint in Normal Mode
Maelstrom Prison 37 (33) Republic.png Yes You must complete Taral V before being able to play this flashpoint in Normal Mode
Colicoid War Game 41 (37) Republic.pngEmpire.png No
The Red Reaper 45 (41) Republic.pngEmpire.png No
Directive 7 48 (45) Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes
The Battle of Ilum 50 (48) Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes
The False Emperor 50 (48) Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes
Kaon Under Siege 50 Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes Added to the game in Patch 1.1.0: Rise of the Rakghouls, Part 1 of 2
Lost Island 50 Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes Added to the game in Patch 1.2.0: Legacy, Part 2 of 2
Czerka Corporate Labs 55 Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes Added to the game in Patch 2.3.0: Titans of Industry, Part 1 of 2
Czerka Core Meltdown 55 Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes Added to the game in Patch 2.3.0: Titans of Industry, Part 2 of 2
Kuat Drive Yards 15-55 Republic.pngEmpire.png Yes Added to the game in Patch 2.6.0: Galactic Starfighter. Tactical Flashpoint.

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