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Galactic Republic C2-N2 Galactic Republic



Allegiance Galactic Republic
Species Droid
Role Healer/Dps

C2-N2 is a companion character that serves as the ship droid of player characters aligned with the Galactic Republic.

C2-N2 is initially only able to gather resources, but later can be summoned to join your character in combat. C2-N2 has a healing stance which users can toggle on or off.

Primary Stat = AIM Secondary Stat = Endurance

Gifts[edit | edit source]

Gift Preferences
  • Cultural Artifact
  • Technology
  • Luxury
  • Republic Memorabilia
  • Courting
  • Imperial Memorabilia
  • Military Gear
  • Trophy
  • Underworld Good
  • Weapon

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