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Armstech is the ability to work with hard metals, alloys and synthetic materials to craft blasters, blaster modifications and melee weapons. Vendor-purchased fluxes are used during the weapon creation process to refine the materials to ensure suitability. Crafted blasters include blaster pistols, blaster rifles, sniper rifles, assault cannons and shotguns. Blaster modifications include blaster barrels, color crystals, and hilt mods. Melee weapons include vibroblades and electrostaves. Armstechs can reverse engineer their crafted blasters and possibly discover new ways to improve their creation.


[edit] Complimentary skills

  • Gathering skills: Scavenging (Scavenged metals and compounds).
  • Mission skills: Investigation (Researched compounds).

[edit] Materials

  • Scavenging
    • Desh - Scavenged Metal
    • Aluminum - Scavenged Metal
    • Laminoid - Scavenged Compound
    • Silica - Scavenged Compound
  • Investigation
    • Carbo-plas - Researched Compound
    • Nylasteel - Researched Compound

[edit] Quality

There are three quality levels for crafted blasters:

Quality Crafting Requirements
Premium Gathered resources and common items sold on vendors
Prototype Rare gathered resources and other valuable items
Artifact Rare resources (gathered or otherwise) and other valuable items – possibly acquired from other players

Premium quality blasters are relatively easy for an Armstech to make. They generally require only scavenged materials and vendor-purchased fluxes. At lower levels, Premium quality blasters require relatively inexpensive materials and take only minutes to construct. They’re on par with (and sometimes slightly better than) items commonly acquired from completing quests and defeating enemies.

Prototype and Artifact quality blasters will be exceptional, and their appearance and effectiveness will speak to their rarity and power.

[edit] Codex

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